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Factories Under f4 group

Our processing units are strategically located close to our F4 Minerals to minimize the transportation costs. We ensure that this cost advantage is passed on to our end customer.

F4 Group is located in Jigni Industrial area in Bangalore and has a production capacity in excess of 150,000 sft a month. This high volume of production is made possible with the help of 5 Vertical Machines, 2 Multi blade vertical cutters, 6 Polishing Machine and One edge cutting machine.

SHAKEEL PASHA GRANITE is strategically located at Kylanoor near Kolar, which has close proximity to the large bank of quarry hubs situate at Chittoor, Ananthapur and Madanpalli. Needless to mention that this Plant also boasts of 6 vertical machines, one edge cutting machine, 5 polishing machines and one Wiresaw.

Shakeel Pasha Pvt. Ltd., We are in the process of setting up a state of the art Plant at Chamrajnagar on over a 40 acre land for the manufacture of vertical and gang saw slabs, Monuments, cut to size tiles, and with the support of our land bank of black F4 Minerals, this is undoubtedly going to be the largest Plant in India dedicated to Black granite.
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