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Shipping & Logistics

You'll benefit dealing directly with the source and we are proud of the natural stones we produce and sell. We have years of experience working with architects, contractors & masons and look forward to providing the stone for your next project. As far as logistics is concerned, worldwide and domestic shipping expertise - that's what is available with us. With access to all major logistics agencies, you can be assured that your package will arrive safely on time! We have a vast knowledge in arranging international shipments. Performa Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Shipping Export Declarations - if there is a form you need then we have a form that you will get while we ship your packages around the world.

Shipping Charges

We ship most items using standard rates, which are based on the weight of the package, the size and the shipping distance, or by any other method a customer may require. Please call our office or mail to us for further price and charges query.

Lead Time

Our motto is to deliver best quality natural stones in the best possible time. So generally, we complete our orders in time but external factors are always there to affect you. We can try to minimize them.


We strive to keep all products in stock, but sometimes, we may be temporarily out of stock on a particular item. You will be contacted by phone or e-mail if you have ordered a backordered item. You may choose to wait for the item or you may cancel it from your order. If you would like to wait, the backordered item will be shipped out to you automatically as soon as we receive it.

uk Felixstowe 1500 27-28 Days MSC, APL, Transworld
Southampton 1800 27-28 Days APL, Transworld
Netherlands Rotterdam / Antwerp 1500 27-28 Days APL, Transworld
Germany Hamburg 1500 27-28 Days APL, Transworld
Italy Genoa 1500 27-28 Days APL, Transworld
France Lettavre 1500 27-28 Days APL, Transworld
Marseilles 1500 27-28 Days APL, Transworld
II. North America
U.S.A. New York 2500 40-45 days APL, Transworld
New Jersey 2500 40-45 days APL, Transworld
Charleston 2500 40-45 days APL, Transworld
Houston 2500 40-45 days APL, Transworld
Miami 2500 40-45 days APL, Transworld
New Orleans 2500 40-45 days APL, Transworld
Mobile 2200 40-45 days APL, Transworld
Boston 2200 40-45 days APL, Transworld
Baltimore 2200 40-45 days APL, Transworld
Canada Toronto 2500 33-35 days APL, Transworld
Montreal 2200 33-35 days APL, Transworld
III. Latin America
Panama Panama 2800 40 Days E. Maersk OOL / APL
Paraguay Parangua 2750 35 Days Samrat
Chile Valparaiso 2750 35 days Samrat
Argentina Buenos Aires 2200 35 days Samrat
Santos 2200 35 days Samrat
Brazil Riogrande 2200 35 days Samrat
Uruguay Montevideo 2200 35 days Samrat
Colombia Catagina 2700 35 days Samrat
IV. Middle East
U.A.E. Dubai 600 12-14 days UASC
Oman Muscat 850 12-14 days UASC
Israel Haifa 1300 30 days UASC
V. Mediterranean Ports
Turkey Istanbul 1400 30 days Lloyd Triestino/CMA
Italy Genova 1500 18-22 days Lloyd Triestino /Greenways
Naples 1500 18-22 days Samrat/ Greenways
Valencia 1500 18-22 days Samrat/ Greenways
VI. Far East
China Hong Kong 550 30 days Hyundai
Shanghai 850 22 days Hyundai
Japan Tokyo 1150 22 days Mitsui
Philippines Manila 900 22 days Mitsui
Singapore Singapore 400 22 days DBC
Spain Barcelona 1050 18-22 days Samrat
VII. Australia
Australia Adelaide 2000 25-28 days OCL /Wockhardt
Sydney 2000 25-28 days OCL /Wockhardt
Brisbane 2000 25-28 days OCL /Wockhardt